Dean’s Message

Two decades after the start of the new millennia, not only the maritime sector, but all sectors such as economy, business, social life and science is changing rapidly. In a changing world, without adaptation and hard work, one will not only fall behind the race but will also be out of it.

The Faculty of Maritime Studies at Near East University founded was in 1996 and since then it offers maritime education and training with teaching staff specialized in marine-oriented programs at the undergraduate levels. This same faculty is continuing to facilitate education under the body of University of Kyrenia since 2014 to provide the students with maritime traditions and commons, critical and analytical thinking, self discipline and confidence, management and leadership values, team work qualifications, and most importantly, recent and modern knowledge of the sector.

We are specialized in vocational, undergraduate and postgraduate education in the fields of maritime transportation management and marine engineering as well as marine-related subjects such as marine science, underwater technology and environmental issues, aiming to prepare maritime officers and workers for a modern new world.